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Front-end, Back-end, UI/UX, Design

Lean Methodologies

We eliminate wasted code and useless functions through continual testing, which guarantees you receive the most agile and robust product possible.

Continuous Integration

Our software development process catches code errors before they morph into major problems, ensuring reliability and quality in application.

Continuous Improvement

We stay on top of the latest technology, pursue continuing educational opportunities and constantly push the boundaries of what can be done.

Quality Assurance

Rapid software development requires us to take special care about quality of our Client's products. Our team can provide you with thorough software testing services, starting from product breakdown all the way to delivering fully automated tests and visibility into test execution status and success rate.Whether your business is facing challenges related to staffing, finding domain experts or implementing complex projects, Sierre Technologies has QA testing services to help you achieve customer goals.

Test Automation

Our end-to-end service allows customers to roll out a full test automation process from scratch

QA & Testing outsourcing

We spare companies from unreasonable or unexpected costs and time spent on setting up and maintaining a skilled team of QA engineers.

Flexible Staffing

Based on the cyclical needs of the business, We offer contract, contract-to-hire and direct placement options to quickly increase and decrease the workforce.

Load & performance testing

Our performance engineers create custom load scripts so you don't have to invest the time and money to become load scripting experts

Process audit and test coverage analysis

With our consulting service expertise in Auditing , We help in ensuring that the entire testing process is followed as defined.

Test Data and Test Environment management

We specialize in the complex , costly and time consuming process of managing the test environments and test data efficiently and consistently across the SDLC

How we do it

You introduce us to the product and architecture, and we bring our expertise, tools and techniques to evaluate the product quality and recommend improvements

  • You Introduce

    You introduce us to the product and architecture, and we bring our expertise, tools and techniques to evaluate the product quality and recommend improvements

  • We Start

    As an Agile team, we do not require complex managerial and coordination framework, nor do we require detailed requirements specification – instead, we start testing as soon as possible and we provide clear feedback, recommendations and bug reports.

  • Domain Expertise

    We have in-depth understanding of the technologies and business logic behind: – matching engines and exchange connectivity – smart order routers – platforms for algorithmic trading – order management systems and STP – market data – clearing and settlement – risk management systems

  • Continuous Integration

    If there is no Continuous Integration already in place, we can work on establishing it while we are testing.

  • Your
    Product is
    Our Story!

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How can we help you ?